The Enterprise Solution People

About us

Our core

We put people first. We value people and therefore create an atmosphere that develop lasting positive relationships amongst colleagues, partners and customers. Among colleagues, a strong relationship creates a cohesive team with openness to learn and exchange ideas. With partners, such relationships help us to complement one another and co-operate well with one another. With customers, we build a relationship of honesty, trust and mutual respect. We choose not to be forgotten. We are not here to merely resolve a problem. By focusing on our core, we believe we can better attend to our customers’ needs. This, we believe, helps us stand out from the rest.

Our abilities

Our people have been providing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation services for the SAP application suite globally since 1996. This has been our core strength and continues to drive our success. 

In addition to SAP, we have developed capabilities in Performance Management and Visualization solutions like Tableau as well as Treasury Management solutions like CS Lucas. Of late, we have also enhanced our repertoire of solutions with the inclusion of the Ondato suite of Identity Verification and eKYC solution. We have also enhanced our SAP Managed Services by offering added SAP Vulnerability Management capabilities with the inclusion of the SAP Security Automation solution from Protect4S.

We have developed a global implementation methodology to successfully implement and rollout the various versions of the SAP ERP (including S/4Hana) and other solutions to countries such as US, China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and parts of the European Union. 

Our Services include Business Process Re-Engineering, Project Management, IT Planning and Implementation, Systems Integration, Data Management and Application Development, Managed Services, Education and Resourcing.

We continuously secure and maintain a highly-skilled team of consulting professionals to ensure that its clients receive the best returns from their investment.

We operate with strong and effective partnerships with various solution vendors that result in greater collaboration between ourselves and our clients. Such partnerships also work to ensure proper qualification and certification of our consultants. 

We have been able to use our skills in assessing and implementing IT solutions to enable many companies to enhance and digitalize their business practices. Companies that have benefited from this include the large global multi-nationals and local small to medium-sized organizations. 

Our clientele include companies in various industries. In particular, they include manufacturers in High-Tech Semiconductor and Electronics, Industrial Machinery and Component, Maritime and Shipbuilding, and Engineering, Construction and Operations industries. Other clients include companies in the Services industry such as in Finance, Logistics and Real Estate.

We pride ourselves in ensuring knowledge transfer in our service delivery. This consistently results in a high level of success in our projects. We endeavor to continue our work with unsurpassed quality to maintain our high customer satisfaction rating and record of 100% successes.

Coming together is beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success