The Enterprise Solution People


Is there such a thing as too much services? We believe there is. In providing services, quality beats quantity. Our consultants are well-qualified in the technologies and solutions we offer and are hardened with years of hard work. Yet, they have developed a sense of attentiveness to the needs of our clients. The experience gained in many projects have enabled us to focus on the challenges users have in expressing their difficulties. We work hard to understand your business so that we can help bring out the root matter of every issue encountered.

Consulting and Implementation

Before you embark on your journey, there is a need to define its purpose. With the objectives defined, the means to achieve them can be evaluated. Whether the journey is to achieve process improvement or to replace an ageing information system, having a reliable guide can make a difference. As a seasoned guide, we plan out the route according to the objectives. On familiar paths, more can be achieved in lesser time. Potential dangers are circumvented through experience. When going off the beaten track, we are equipped to help you avoid pitfalls and ensure you arrive at the objective. Once there, a measurement of the success ought to be made. We can help you start with a Needs Analysis. Thereafter, we can help you source and even implement the right solution that meet your objectives. Project implementations involve a complex set of tasks, dependencies, checkpoints and lots of co-ordination and teamwork. Led by our experienced project managers, we use robust methodologies to guide our implementations so that your project will be successful.

Training and Education

Continuous training is key to ensuring staff turnovers do not create serious disruptions to business operations. We design technical and process documentation and maintain them. Carefully structured and effective training delivered with patience and efficient techniques will keep the organization humming. We bring useful new technologies and concepts that can give that extra edge to your organization so that you can keep the competition at bay.
Do you have a training need? A need to redraft your training materials, functional documentation, produce online help specific to your organization? Prepare your organization for an upgrade? Review documentation that is being produced? Feel free to reach out to us for a discussion.

Managed Services

With advances in technology, it has become increasingly difficult to retain and maintain an effective support team. It is in our mandate to constantly update our skills to ensure that the clients that have entrusted their systems, applications and processes to us have their investments protected. We don’t just keep your systems humming. With our Vulnerability Management solution, we keep them safe too. We will put you at ease with our attention. You can be assured of a flexible service level agreement that will meet your needs. Our outstanding Managed Services team will enable you to focus your attention on your business. We run your applications to let you focus on running your business.