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Solutions must serve. Solutions must solve. We believe in sourcing and bringing solutions to solve business challenges and enhance competitiveness. Yet, we do not want to over-engineer them. In the end, they need to serve the needs of the users. We seek always to provide solutions that are fit for your purposes.

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SAP is a complete enterprise resource planning and control solution to help you manage your business finances, human capital and operational needs.¬†With experience and templates from many successful implementations, we don’t simply do a technical implementation but also bring best practices to organizations that are new to solutions that impact many areas of their business. We allay your fears with business-focused, objectives-driven project management and control processes. We ensure your people are well trained and understand fully their role in supporting the organization’s growth through their use of each function.

We are always looking to improve the competitiveness of your business through process efficiency and quality information for decision making. Please reach out to us to discuss how we may be of service to you.


Tableau is a world class data visualization solution that makes building and analyzing complex information easy and visually appealing. A leading solution that will easily direct your focus to information that matters. We can help you structure, draw meaningful data into information and visuals that will guide your decision-making. We understand the business purposes. Coupled with our technical know-how, we deliver your reporting and visualization projects faster. We help you manage the solution to ensure changing information needs are in step with the ever-changing business requirements. So, drop us a note so we can work on designing a set of data that will allow you to properly assess your business.

CS Lucas

CS Lucas is a treasury management solution that is light-weight, simple to integrate with and use. Yet, it provides 360 degrees of cash visibility, providing you with information to forecast your liquidity, allowing you to make timely decisions to manage your cashflow and maximize returns.

We can help you implement the solution and integrate it to your SAP and other financial systems, providing you with rapid 2-way information for planning, accounting and cashflow decision-making.

Contact us to find out how you can quickly service your treasury needs with a comprehensive yet easy to use Treasury Management Solution.


Ondato is a complete compliance management solution for managing your risks associated with your business partners and your interactions with them . With the increasing use of online, remote access and transactions, you will want to make sure you are dealing with who you think they are. Ondato provides photo and live video identity verification to help you validate the identity of the party you are interacting with while online, in real-time. Ondato also enables data monitoring, screening and includes services for due-diligence, risk scoring and case management. This helps you track and check for transactions and events conducted through your system by your business partners that are potentially deemed illegal because of sanctions or possibly breaching Anti-Money Laundering rules.

We can help you implement and integrate Ondato to your customer or vendor relationship management systems to assist in your business partner validation as part of your onboarding process. If you are a Fintech, we can integrate it to your branchless banking, loans and payments solutions to track and monitor transactions to ensure compliance with global and local regulations.

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Protect4S is an SAP Platform Security solution. It improves the security over your SAP systems and provides continuous monitoring and protection. Compared with other similar solutions, the Protect4S solution is designed with the lesser technical user in mind. It takes away the pain of needing to sieve through, understand and configure controls for the complicated SAP Security processes by providing you with read-made, relevant and tested controls. It automates the execution of more than 1900 control checks and reduces the need for manual operations. We constantly research and update these control checkpoints to ensure your SAP system is safe. Powerful and concise analytics enable you to focus on the remediation of the most critical and effective security gaps, allowing you to quickly adjust your security policies and execute actions that bring about the most returns.

We can help you review your SAP vulnerability through a no-downtime vulnerability assessment exercise. The output will help you determine the critical actions that need to be taken. Reap the longer term benefits by putting this solution to work daily to monitor and provide feedback on the remedial actions that you have taken. We incorporate vulnerability management into our Managed Services.

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