The Enterprise Solution People


Through the years, we have gained much experience about the processes and requirements of businesses in various industries. The uniqueness of some these industries drove us to build expertise in them. To date, we have managed to put together best-practices and templates to help accelerate the deployment of the SAP ERP for these businesses.

Reach out to us if you are looking for someone with the right experience to put an in place an effective business information system for your business.

High Tech

Semiconductor foundries, assembly and test, packaging plants and fabless chip-makers. We have had the fortune of implementing solutions like SAP to help these organizations manage their sales, production, procurement, inventory management, costing and finance. We are, in particular, rather proud of our experience and success in solutioning to overcome challenges in the manufacturing supply and control, costing and after-sales tracking processes. Our experience in this industry covers the entire supply chain to also include contract manufacturers, chemical suppliers and equipment manufacturers.

Speak to us if you are looking to put in place an integrated solution to better manage your High Tech business, to improve the efficiencies and visibility over your operations.

Engineering and Construction

Businesses in this industry are faced with the need to deal with the challenges of low volume, high variation and long lead times. They need information to safely “predict” their costs so that they can table bids that will secure them projects with manageable risks. During the execution of the project, there is a need for a system that tracks and provides them with accurate information on work scheduled and performed, labour and materials committed and their availability, financing and cost control. A strong project management solution is needed to make sure tasks are sequenced and easily updated by the people deployed at the sites. There’s also a need to handle third-party resources, making sure the work that had been performed are verified. Implementing a solution with a robust integration will reduce confusion and paperwork. It will lower expensive downtimes or delays. You need a team of people who are familiar with such challenges. People who can help you identify and focus attention on the key areas that need addressing. Areas where the most benefits can be immediately derived. At ESP, we also pay particular attention to the users when implementing solutions for organizations in this industry. We simplify solutions so that users can more easily adopt and use the functions comfortably.

We hope this speaks to your needs. We hope to address them with you.

Maritime and Shipbuilding

For shipbuilders and marine engineering businesses, the key to securing a project starts with the ability to work out a competitive and winning bid. The success of the project will then depend on its ability to stay within budget and return a good profit. Vessel managers and charterers are concerned with bunkering and maintenance costs. They need to plan for and schedule their replenishments and maintenance. Through the years, we have built up our experience in this industry enough to easily understand and provide solutions to most of the key challenges faced by these businesses. We even have a templated solution using SAP to service the needs of companies in this industry.

Property Development and Real Estate

Developers need tools to plan their developments and to manage their contractors. Progress and cost monitoring are key. They need to be able to track and validate claims made by contractors. They need information to ready their finances so that timely disbursements of progress claims can be made. Marketing and sales must keep ahead of the development. Units sold should be identified to the development so that billing schedules can be assigned to correctly match cash inflows to outflows. Accounting rules need to be set according to local/global principles to correctly recognize profits. Estate managers and REITS need to manage rental contracts, from onboarding tenants to billing and renewals. Vacancy management and rental forecasts enabled by flexible analytical tools provide information for decision-making. Managing maintenance contracts and vendors provide control over costs.

We’ve implemented the SAP ERP for both small and large players in this industry. We look forward to putting our experience to work for you. Reach out and have a discussion with us. We’d love to hear from you.

Fintech and Financial Services

The financial services industry is in the midst of a major change. New technologies create a need to change the way such services are delivered. Many Fintech startups have risen to provide alternative financing. Whether you are into Peer-to-Peer or Payments, you will need a strong financial backbone. We have put in place robust finance and analytics back-bone into companies in financial services. We have now included, in our repertoire, solutions that will enable corporate treasurers to better manage funds at their disposal. We’ve also added KYC applications to our offering so that we can add risk management abilities to traditional financial institutions and Fintech startups.

Should you have a need for a strong financial back-bone or an extension into KYC for your Fintech operations, we’d love to hear from you.